Come join all the party animals out at the farm!

Whether you’re a tipsy tiger, a flamboyant flamingo, or an awkward alligator the shenanigans over at Farm Gate Winery are the right scene for you! The rolling hills of our heritage orchard and peaceful patio views of Skaha Lake are located only ten minutes from downtown Penticton, right off the highway and across the street from the grounds of the fabled Okanagan Game Farm, whose famous former tenants grace all of our bottles, and some of our private parties too!

The Game Farm may be gone these days, but this treasured piece of the Okanagan’s agricultural history has been lovingly restored and renovated by the Smits family, who are themselves important pioneers in the birth of the Okanagan’s wine scene. And truly nothing could embrace the Okanagan spirit better than a winery that’s also a fruit stand.

But like any party, the real star here are the wines! Both the traditional European-style wines that the Okanagan has become so famous for and a modern revamp of the traditional fruit wines that were once the cherished (and secret) side projects of the orchardists of old. A taste of both the old and the new all in one place (and sometimes even in one bottle)!

Multi-award winning winemaker Pieter Smits, who learned his craft in his father’s cellar at his own artisanal winery in Summerland, has created a diverse (and wonderfully extensive) portfolio that’s perfect for any occasion! So be sure to pop on by, sample a few wines, and maybe stick around the for the party afterwards. I hear the moose is in town this week!

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